Out of the Abyss - 5e

Escape from Velkynelve!
Uktar the 18th

I am a prisoner in the Drow House Mizzrym mining colony of V-something. Preistess of Lolth Ilvara is my captor. She has two right hand puppets, Shoor and Jorlun. There are a number of other prisoners. It seems we are all having disturbing dreams.

After some time forming alliances, Jorlun offers to help the us escape – since his face was scarred Ilvara had spurned him for another, and it would appear he sought payback. He left the gate open and offered to give us a distraction when the guard shift came. The distraction was bigger than expected – battling Vrocks and Chasmes (though I dont know if Jorlun had anything to do with that – it seems unlikely). After getting out we went to the armory and gathered some supplies, then went back to Ilvara’s quarters where we found my spell book. The stupid human decided to urinate on the altar of Lolth – I wager that will come back to haunt him. Once we got my spellbook and the items enumerated below, we sought escape…

15 days rations
4 flasks of drow poison (Zaecharr)
58 sp
60 gp
floor plan to a castle
Idol of Dagon – possibly causing nightmares? (Zaecharr)
2 glass flasks of unknown alchemies (Zaecharr)
20 gp moonstone
400 ft of silk rope
10 caltrops
2 bags of iron spikes
10 gp mirror
50 gp headdress (Lolth)
25 gp black velvet mask
10 gp bone dice
50 gp broach
10 gp liquor
various sets of clothing (normal clothing)
various sets of chain armor (enough to suit up 3 people all said and done)


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