Out of the Abyss - 5e

Whirling through Whirlstone

The party continues after a rest and the discovery of a quasit who apparently thinks of Gan Bataar as his master. The quasit is named Zim and reinforces the thought that the derro here were most definitely conducting a ritual to convert stone giants into two-headed chaos bringers in Gracklstugh. The party gather themselves and move on through the tunnels happening onto an area just outside the cultist’s chamber containing two more derro and a group of three caged brown bears. The party initially tries to talk with the derro, but the clearly mentally unstable derro rush to free the bears to attack the party. After a bit of a harrowing fight, and multiple injuries, the group dispatches both the bears and the derro finding only refuse and remnants of a ritual path that seemed to be used to calm the animals.

Continuing on, the group eventually comes upon a huge cavern that has a series of steppes (plateaus) which when viewing the peak, sheds light on a gigantic black obelisk, a derro paying homage to the obelisk, and a large red egg. As soon as the party steps foot into the chamber, they hear a shriek as a spectator descends upon them and attacks using its multiple eye stalks to project deadly rays at members of the party. The derro (apparently a caster) rubs her hands together and fires a lightning bolt into the party line dealing a great deal of damage to the entire group. On a couple of occasions during the battle party members are brought down near death, but manage to kill both the spectator and the derro. They begin to search the surrounding area and see what they can find…



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