Out of the Abyss - 5e

The surface awaits, but more darkness as well...

The harrowing battle of Blingdenstone was a success, at least in part. The party aided the citizens of Blingdenstone and earned a bit of respite for the coming journey toward Gauntlegrym. Chief Dorbo tells the party he can provide them guides to take them toward one of two nearby exits to the surface, Lurkwood or the Evermoors. For distance, the Lurkwood is closest to Gauntlegrym, so the party decides that location best.

The guides warn that the Lurkwood is a dangerous place, filled with bottomless bogs and teeming with orcs, barbarian tribes, ettins and giants. They also state that they will get the party as close to the exit in the time they have available to them before having to head back to aid in the cleanup and continued reclaiming of Blingdenstone.

The guides prove efficient and timely over the course of eleven days of travel toward the exit at Lurkwood before having to turn back. They give the party exact directions and explain it will be only two days more travel to the exit. The entirety of the travel, Chadwick could not shake the feeling that something had been following and eventually passed up the party.

Climbing stone paths along the side of a cavern, Maya scouts ahead of the party toward the exit and ventures out into the evening dusk. It would appear that Chadwick’s feelings were accurate as Maya is immediately set upon by two giant spiders and battle ensues. She quickly relays information as best she can back down to the party that there is a group of drow along with the spiders here, apparently waiting in ambush!

A difficult battle erupts and darkness is cast at the mouth of the cave hindering all sight. Thinking quickly, Chadwick casts a Daylight spell which dispels the darkness allowing those in visual range to take in exactly what the party is facing. Two drow warriors, two priestesses, two giant spiders, and four drow guards assault the party.

At one point during the battle the seemingly more seasoned priestess casts an insect plague into the mouth of the cavern providing a damaging barrier cutting off, at least temporarily, some of the party from rest. Several more seconds pass and after two party members fall at one point, Gan dispels the insect plague allowing the rest of the party to push forward to assist more directly in battle. Quick healing and aid follow and party members are revived in time to see one of the drow guards drop its guise revealing its true form of a demonic creature dealing clubbing and massive poison damage to all it hits.

The battle rages on and sound battle tactics of concentrating on injured foes to decrease their number works in favor of the party. Ultimately, they are able to kill all of the drow, spiders, and the demon even as a number of the party fell unconscious at one point or another. Now the party stages a guarded rest to recuperate and begin their trek to Gauntlegrym. But what other dangers await them in the Lurkwood?



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