Out of the Abyss - 5e

Prioritizing resources for the battle ahead

The party gathered at the Steadfast Stone to cleanse it of the Ogremach’s Bane and contemplated on what to do when they placed the spell gem into it. Deciding to just do it and see what happens, Chadwick placed the gem and immediately the ground began to shake as one of the earth elemental forms in the wall broke free and charged the party. Upon defeating the elemental, it crumbled into the ground and up from the rubble rose a Galeb Duhr, motionless and facing outward.

Almost as soon as the party saw this statue, another earth elemental broke free from the wall and also charged at the party. The party fought once more and was able to vanquish yet another elemental. And again, a Galeb Duhr rose in its place, motionless.

This process repeated one more time and when the third elemental was defeated, and a third Galeb Duhr rose, a white light settled upon the Steadfast Stone. The Galeb Duhr then turned to the party, gave a solemn and silent nod, and crouched into stone form, as if now prepared to stand guard.

The party returned to the council to inform them of the occurrence and they then chose to go in search of Entemach’s Boon. After getting turned around and lost for a few days, and encountering a gaseous cloud in the shape of a beholder that clouded their minds with a vision of a circle, the party found the circle they believed to be the boon. Upon setting foot into the circle, they were set upon by two basilisks. Skillfully avoiding the stares, the party dispatched them and soon discovered a nest containing three basilisk eggs. They decided to let the council know about this as well and were informed that the eggs would hatch and they would train the basilisks to stand guard at Entemach’s Boon.

The party considered trying to go and find Neverlight Grove again to get the ingredients to prepare the oils that would aid in resisting the acids of the oozes, but decided instead to go ahead and begin the assault. Battle is nigh…



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