Out of the Abyss - 5e

Neverlight Grove

Something's amiss with these shrooms...

The intrepid party made their way to Neverlight Grove, a place easier left than found. With the help of their myconid companion, they soon found themselves in a small mushroom kingdom of sorts.

Something foul was almost immediately felt though as many of the myconids encountered spoke of some day of joy that was coming and that soon, all would feel that splendor.

One of the myconid leaders said there was something terribly wrong with the other and those that melded in rapport with him. There was some influence that was corrupting them and driving them mad.

The party began its investigation into the matter and eventually moved up toward a garden they were told about and invited to. Once there, they encountered what appeared to be a drow female that told of something disturbing in her death throws. The demon queen of rot, Zuggtmoy was here!!



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