Out of the Abyss - 5e

Into Darkness (onward to Gracklstugh)

Kuo-toan layover?

The band of escapees decide their current best course of action is to escort Stool to its home in Neverlight Grove. However, they also think it beneficial to journey to Gracklstugh to provision themselves for the journey toward the surface. During the first day of travel, the adventurers hear the muffled sounds of someone mumbling and clearly struggling. They happen upon a half-elf who is bound and gagged and has seemingly been left for dead.

After removing the gag, the party soon discovers one of the reasons the half-elf, who introduces himself as Chadwick, was gagged. He might be the most talkative person any of them have ever encountered. Trying to expedite their travel, the party unbinds Chadwick who makes it known he had been taken prisoner by a Mizzram drow band while searching an underground temple for historic relics thought to have been lost to Oghma who he is a cleric follower. It is decided he may provide some benefit to the party so they allow Chadwick to join.

It is decided that first and foremost, they need some supplies, Shuushar, the kuo-toa, suggests that they travel to his village to gather some provisions mindful that they may not be accepted initially.

Several, oddly uneventful days pass as the party ventures through narrow passage ways, sizable caverns, and ledges. While in one narrow pass, they happen upon a giant spider which they quickly dispatch and find a skeletal corpse that was still clutching a scroll. Zaeshaar takes the scroll upon which is inscribed the spell Crown of Madness.

Just on the outskirts of Shuusar’s village, the party is confronted by the arch-priest of the Sea Mother who presents the party with not so much an offer, but a hard ultimatum. They serve as faux sacrifices to his daughter who has claimed to be an arch-priest of the Deep Father, or they will be dispatched by the entire village and offered to the Sea Mother instead. The party reluctantly agrees after the arch-priest offers to reward them handsomely upfront as he is not worried about trinkets of the surface world and won’t lose either way.

The party is taken through the village up to his quarters that lies near the shrine to the Sea Mother. Upon learning a bit about the customs and practices of the kuo-toa that follow her, Zaeshaar willingly vomits upon the feet of the altar. The kuo-toa that are gathered around the shrine think it a bit odd to see a drow showing such reverence, but welcome it.

They are then led to the altar of the Deep Father and the offer is made…

Next time…what is THAT?!?!?!?!?


What did we do with our treasure?


You’re carrying it right now. You won’t be able to do much with it until you finish the upcoming encounter.


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