Out of the Abyss - 5e

Gathering to draw the demons into their grasp...

The adventurers have travelled far and wide within the Underdark. They’ve visited a mystical library where they met a drow archmage who asked them to meet with him at his tower. Vizeran was his name and he claimed to know of a ritual that would be powerful enough to draw in the demon lords to one place so they might fight each other doing enough damage and sending enough back to the Abyss to dwindle their numbers enough for those that remained to be vanquished while in an injured state.

The party agreed to help gather the materials and set off first to find Purple worm eggs, and try to find an eye of the beholder. They went to the Wormwrithing tunnels and eventually were able to secure a couple of eggs while leaving a party of House Myzrrym drow to their doom at the hands of one of the guardian purple worms. After a short conversation with an arrogant beholder, they were attacked and nearly vanquished before laying the beholder low. During the battle, the cleric was nearly killed as he was thrown off a ledge and plummeted several hundred feet before the abrupt stop. Whilst he lay unconscious, the rest of the party poked and prodded the beholder until it died and floated down to the bottom of the chasm.

Peering down into the chasm while still fighting off the beholder, Vandyr looked for any signs of life from Chadwick. Seeing no movement, as soon as the beholder was felled, Vandyr looked once more before leaping into the air and diving into the chasm, plummeting at an alarming speed to reach his fallen comrade. Miraculously, perhaps due to a silent prayer to Tempus, Vandyr reached the floor of the chasm landing steadily on one knee with his fist impacting the ground and burying itself a half foot into the floor. Pain racked his body after absorbing damage from such a fall, but he gathered himself and walked over to the fallen cleric allowing divine energy to flow through him.

Some time later, Maya, the monk calmly walked down the chasm wall as though walking on a vertical surface came naturally to her. After reviving the cleric and taking a rest, the party began their journey toward some sort of labyrinth to find more ingredients.



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