Out of the Abyss - 5e

Drider, Drow, Danger...Dark Redemption

The party is heading toward Blingdenstone as it traverses the Underdark trying to make sense of now two demon lords having crossed over into the Realms. At the same time, it tries to stay ahead of what seems to be its original captors, drow of House Myzzrm.

While going through a network of tunnels, the party hears sounds of battle and scouts ahead a bit to discover a band of drow battling a drider! The party gathers along a ledge some 20 feet above them and is spotted by both the drow party and the drider. A member of the drow group beckons them to help them dispatch this beast and receive a reward. The drider asks for the party’s help in defending it from these drow.

One of the party notices a symbol worn by the drow party that Zaeshaar identifies as House Baenre. The party decides to help the drider and a dangerous battle ensues. The drider helps the party as best it can and eventually the party triumphs. The drider introduces himself as Ylfein and says he’s been hearing the call of Eilistraee and travels to a shrine purported to be near in the hopes that his this drider curse be removed. He explains that it was put upon him because he intervened when a drow priestess tried to kill a young gnome child.

While the drider told his story, one of the party examined one of the bodies and discovered the symbol bearing the House Baenre iconography was zurkhwood and poorly crafted, something Zaeshaar notes would not be done by any drow house as their actual symbol. Hearing this, Ylfein rips open the clothing on the body and sees a shining onyx symbol of House Myzzrm.

The party is asked to accompany Ylfein to the shrine and in return he’d give them an item of worth. They agree and forge on…

On the second day of the journey to the shrine, the party is set upon by an Umber Hulk which casts its confusing gaze upon all of them. The drider goes into a blind rage and begins attacking anything around him, including the party, but they are able to take the hulk down and settle down the drider. Shortly after, they arrive a the shrine to discover a drow female dancing in light…cast by the moon! The surface is above them!

The drider descends toward the drow who introduces herself as the Bright Edge of Darkness, a Dark Lady of Eilistraee. She hears the drider’s plight and asks him to dance with her in the light. Ylfein begrudgingly does so, and both are bathed in a soft glow of moonlight. Eventually, that moonlight fades, and the drider remains. His curse still intact, but his mind at peace.

The Dark Lady invites the party to stay as long as they need, and now the party must decide to continue to Blingdenstone, or to find a way up to the hole that lets in the moonlight to see where they are on the surface…



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