Out of the Abyss - 5e

Descent Back into the Depths

Leading an expeditionary force of the size the adventurers were able to gather is no small feat. It turns out stealth among a group so large is nigh impossible and being in the Underdark makes it that much more dangerous.

Where to though, straight to Gravenhollow? Do they stop along the way to see how things are in Blingdenstone, DarkLake, Gracklestugh, Neverlight Grove? Do they attempt to venture to Menzoberranzan to see what has transpired there with all of this demonic activity around?

Travel is never easy. The party knows it will be long, arduous, and filled with danger. If the party sticks to the routes it knows from previous travels, it seems the compass on the ring will likely pull them through Blingdenstone, and Gracklestugh. They’d be relatively near DarkLake and consequently Velkynelve only having to go out of their way along that known path. Neverlight Grove might be along the way if they can remember where it was. What has changed in these places? Perhaps they will learn…



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