Out of the Abyss - 5e

Cry Havoc! And let loose the flow of ooze...

The party gathers its bearings and begins to head toward Diggermattock Hall to march forward and onto the Pudding King’s throne. On their way, they happen upon a strange sight. A small group of sverfneblin are gathered swaying and chanting incoherently, led by the young cleric from the Ruby in the Rough temple and standing off to the side observing, the party sees Gan Bataar, their warlock comrade who disappeared for several days during the cleansing of the Steadfast Stone and the discovery of Entemoch’s boon.

After a bit of dialogue trying to figure out who these deep gnomes were chanting about, all signs pointed to a “god of slime,” “faceless one”. Initially, the party thought they were talking about the Pudding King, but the cleric kept saying they would take the usurper who claimed to be such titles which led the party to seek advice from Dorbo Diggermattock.

Dorbo put the party at ease by addressing the group himself putting them in the frontline of his charge for the battle and assuring all that if they betrayed Blingdenstone, they’d be served up on pikes.

The party gathered and watched near the entrance to the royal home, where the oozes had been gathering. The Goldwhisker clan took up the lead as promised and the Stoneheart Enclave began summoning earth elementals as the battle began. The party moved forward making their way through the waves and seeing ghosts rise up through the ground latching onto oozes holding them in place for others to hit them.

The party fought four waves of oozes, slimes, and jellies before making it into the throne room where they initially encountered the Pudding King who instructed two other oozes, seemingly more intelligent than others, to drop and attack the party.

The party summarily dispatched the oozes uncovering two powerful spell books before confronting and quickly taking down the Pudding King who dissolved into a puddle of ooze himself.

With the victory, the oozes in Blingdenstone began to scatter though still many in number. Jadger the ghost flew in with three Galeb Duhr to take the party back through the battlefield and back into Blingdenstone proper. After the battle was more under control, Dorbo gathered the party to thank them and show them they now had allies in the Underdark. He gave them a stone of earth elemental control as a token of appreciation and said he would send guide with the party when they ventured out to make their way to the surface. He suggested they try to get to Gauntlegrym as soon as they can to seek an audience with King Bruenor Battlehammer as he would likely know about any demonic influence happening on the surface.



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