Out of the Abyss - 5e

Blingdenstone - Total Drama Cave

The party, after meeting with the chief of Blingdenstone decides to head toward Goldwhisker Warrens to address the wererat issue there. On the way they stop by a residence that is rumored to be haunted which has prevented any families from moving into it. Once they set foot inside, they are accosted by a poltergeist. They pretty quickly dispatch the spirit and with some investigation determine it to be the ghost of a former resident and leatherworker. They find a hidden cache of eight gems thought to be worth around 250gp each.

The group heads on to the Warrens and eventually meets up with the leader of the wererats, Chipgrin Goldwhisker. He informs them that they only wish to be welcomed back into the Blingdenstone community, nothing more. He also tells the group that he has learned what is causing all of the various oozes and slimes to gather in Blingdenstone. He says something about a “Pudding King” controlling all of them and that it presents a very real danger to his clan and all of Blingdenstone. He suggests that the party go and look for themselves just what awaits Blingdenstone if nothing is done.

The party follows the directions given them by Chipgrin and happens on a very disturbing discovery. Outside a large round structure, some 80+ oozes, slimes, puddings roam around, clearly too many to take on themselves. The party retreats and heads back to Chipgrin. He tells them that if they can get him an audience with Chief Dorbo Diggermattock and maintain peace during the meeting, he will tell them all he knows of the slimes and the Pudding King.

The party agrees and heads back to Diggermattock Hall. They meet with Senni and Chief Dorbo who upon learning of all this news decide it is time to gather the council and discuss a plan of action. They also state that Chipgrin will be an invited guest. They suggest the party get a night’s rest and come to the meeting the next day.



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