Out of the Abyss - 5e

Preparing for the Battle of Blingdenstone

After a night’s rest, the party awakens to head toward Diggermattock Hall to partake in the council meeting on how best to address the slimes and reclaim Blingdenstone once and for all for the deep gnomes. As they gather, they discover that one of their party, the warlock Gan Bataar, is nowhere to be found. There is no sign of struggle nor disturbance. They head down and ask the tavern keep who says she did not see him come down, but that she did see a tiefling leave earlier in the morning whom she did not remember ever checking in. A bit confused, the party settles on going ahead anyway and meeting with the council.

At Diggermattock Hall, the council has gathered. The party is introduced to members of the Stoneheart Enclave, the Minekeeper’s Guild, the Goldwhisker Warrens, and of course the Diggermattocks. They begin to speak of strategy from avoiding an all out assault to causing a distraction to allow the party inside to take on the Pudding King. The Minekeepers state they can create oils that will prevent damage to weapon and armor, but need supplies from Neverlight Grove, a place the party is all too familiar with. They relay that the grove is overrun with a demonic influence so success of that would be greatly diminished. The most sound strategy it seems is offered by the Stoneheart Enclave…defense with stone.

If the party can clear the Steadfast Stone temple, they will be able to summon earth elementals to help and aid in the attack. However, the area is currently occupied by Ogremarch’s Bane which must be cleared in order to keep the elementals from going mad and crazy. One of the enclave states that if they can place a ruby (a spell gem containing the Hallow spell) into the Steadfast Stone, they can clear Ogremarch’s Bane and bring forth Entimoch’s Boon allowing the summoning of earth elementals to take place. The Diggermattocks agree this appears to be the most sound strategy and state that when it is done, and the assault begins, if the Goldwhisker clan takes point on the attack, they will be welcomed back into Blingdenstone as one.

All things settled, the party heads out the next day toward the Steadfast Stone in the Rockblight Caverns. On the way, they pass two stone statues with wings and when a few of the party venture a bit too close, the statues animate revealing themselves to be gargoyles. The gargoyles attack the party and soon after an earth elemental shows up initially clotheslining one of the gargoyles, but having a crazed look in its eyes. After dispatching the gargoyles, the earth elemental turns its attention to Rister and lands several clubbing blows before finally succumbing to the monk’s will thanks to resourceful healing from Chadwick, the cleric.

The adventurers then skirt around toward a cave. Zaeshaar casts an invisibility spell upon the monk, Maya who scouts ahead into the cave discovering a drow female who is actually a medusa. The monk backs out deciding discretion is the better part of valor for now. She suggests they steer clear of that cave for the moment and press on. They come across another cave that contains dozens of statues of drow, but they do not enter. The party believes these statues to be the victims of the medusa.

Finally, the party arrives at the Steadfast Stone. The stalagmite form is pockmarked with places that look like they could once have held gems. And all around the area they party discovers immensely large stone carvings in the wall that resemble humanoid shapes…



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