Out of the Abyss - 5e

Onto Blingdenstone

Deep Gnomeopolis awaits

After a several days travel through more of the never-ending Underdark and encounters with a maddened succubus (who was nice, polite, and all together pleasant) who the party helped clear out an ancient tomb containing a mummy and several undead, the party arrived at the gates of Blingdenstone.

The party was immediately stopped by the deep gnome guards as they saw the party’s drow comrade, Zaeshaar, with them. Ever untrusting of drow, even years after the destruction of the city, the sverfneblin do not let any drow enter the city unescorted.

After the party reveals that they are seeking shelter from a pursuing drow band after having lost them, the guards agree to let the party enter, escorted, and see the Chief Dorbo Diggermattock.

The Chief greets the party at his offices and after some conversation, agrees to let the party stay within the city after they agree to do some work for him gathering information on the increased presence of oozes in the northeastern portion of Blingdenstone and addressing the wererats in the Goldwhisker Warrens to the north and northwest. However, the chief states that they must earn confidence from the populous at large before he would allow them to travel with their full compliment of attack power. Specifically, the Chief casts his eyes upon the drow, Zaeshaar, requesting his spellbook be bound for a period of time. After some deliberation, the drow agrees, but only after insisting that the party’s warlock be bound and gagged in the spirit of fairplay. Chief Diggermattock agrees now knowing the party has a warlock with them.

The party set out to begin gaining the citizens’ trust and eventually came upon the Foaming Mug tavern where they learn a bit of information regarding both the northeastern area of Blingdenstone, the Warrens, and some place called Rockblight to the east. Additionally, they visit a temple called the Ruby in the Rough, dedicated to the deep gnome god of the earth. It is here they discover the place to take the hand of the deceased gnome from Gracklestugh whose ghost implored them to return his remains to his homeland. After doing so, another ghost, a former warden of the city, appeared agreeing to answer questions for the party provided they complete some tasks for him as well. The party tells the ghost they will return later.

From the tavern, the adventurers set out first toward the Warrens, with a stop along the way at one of the homes of a former resident of Blingdenstone, rumored to be haunted…



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